Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Bite a Day...

I just had an idea for a possible somewhat structured format for this space: I will discuss one work everyday. Just one. Everyday.

There are many traditional photo blogs which present a photo from the blogger's life everyday. Instead I will present an image from my thought life; often a photograph, often by a well known artist. Other mediums will be included also, and from little known artists or collections (including vernacular). Whatever is on my mind.

I may only write a few words, a caption, or a question, while other times I will likely get a bit carries away, and ramble. I apologise in advance.

When I see an exhibition on my travels I will try to include a work from it (unless none happens to 'jump' out at me).

An image itself is a kind of 'reality bite'.

I will (hopefully) present a bite a day.