Saturday, 11 December 2010

Bite 10: Fiona Connor - Something Transparent (please go round the back), 2009

Something Transparent (please go round the back), 2009
glass, wood, metal fittings, glue, paint, vinyl (installation view)
The entire gallery itself, Michael Lett Gallery on K' Rd, Auckland, becomes the artwork, yet the space is physically inaccessible. Instead the gallery is constantly blocked from entrance - a pun perhaps on the perceived esotericism of the contemporary art world - by 14 replicas of the front facade of the buidling, each with vinyl transfers of the details of the 'show' stating "please go round the back." 

A witty combination of ouroborus and simulacra, the work is deceptively simple in concept,  was certainly difficult in execution, but is hugely rewarding in regard to viewer response and conceptual accessibility - ironic, considering the literal futility of the doors within it.

Nominated for the Walters Prize 2010 the idea was cleverly translated to the New Gallery at the Auckland Art Gallery. As a postmodern conceptual installation piece it is perfect, very much at an international standard. It is playful and intellectually open, refreshing and inspiring.

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